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  JB BOITARD, the Real Estate Tradition
  The JB BOITARD Agency is located at Deauville since March 1951. Starting from scratch, Jacques and Denise Boitard launched the activity of their agency mainly through seasonal rentals during the summer of 1951. Rapidly, the prestigious potential of the seaside resort became apparent. Jacques Boitard oriented his agency towards the “prestige” real estate market bringing personalized service to the most demanding customers. In the early 1960’s, the real estate agency turned into a sales promotion service. After Mr. François André (founder of the Société des Hôtels et Casinos Company, that later became the Groupe Lucien Barrière) had asked Jacques Boitard to organize the sale of a seafront house, he had a vision: “Here there will be a building”, the Villa Elizabeth, that was named after the house upon which it was built. Many other buildings would follow…
During all this time, the agency reinforced its reference position in the renting and selling of the most beautiful properties, villas,
stud farms, and manors of Pays d’Auge. The story continues to be written day after day, through each sale, each rental transacted by our two agencies.
Promotions - Construction
- La villa Elizabeth - July 1968 *
- La villa Normande - July 1970 *
- Castel Guermantes - July 1972
- Le Mesnil Saint Michel - July 1974 - Early 1975
- Le Castel Normand - 1975 **
- La Seigneurie - July 1976
- Le Castel Saint Clair - 1977-1979
- Wood Lodge - 1979 *
- La Baronnie - 1980
- L'Hermitage (1st phase) - 1986
- Bagatelle - 1988
- L'Hermitage (2nd phase) - 1990
- La Pommeraie (on the site of the winter casino) - 1992
  * named after the properties demolished before the construction
 ** named after the hotel replaced by the building

- Les hauts de Deauville (houses and apartments on Mount Canisy, above Deauville)
- La résidence de Lassay (bordering the New Golf Lucien Barrière). Today, the JB BOITARD Agency is still a privileged partner of numerous prestigious real estate promoters in Paris and Deauville


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