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  JB BOITARD, A man and a woman… a beautiful story
  « I have always observed that to succeed in the world
one should appear like a fool but be wise »

Jacques and Denise Boitard have followed Montesquieu’s motto to the letter.
The creation and success of JB Boitard is linked with that of their couple.

They founded the agency on March 10th 1951 : five days after their marriage !

Jacques Boitard : daring
Son of a wholesale dealer from Deauville who supplied the Société des Hôtels et Casinos Company, Jacques Boitard grew up in the atmosphere of the Roaring Twenties. That of the elegant, brilliant city of Deauville before the war. That of the painter Van Dongen, of the businessman François André, of the photographer Jacques Henri Lartigue.

As a visionary, Jacques Boitard foresaw a new Deauville, modern and open to the world. A resort town dedicated to pleasure, sports, and culture. That of Claude Lelouche’s movies and of the American Film Festival. He would create real estate plans to befit these new vacationers.

    Denise Boitard : wisdom
Knight of the Legion of Honor for her work in the field of women’s work rights and equal opportunity in the business world, elected best French businesswoman by her peers in 1991, Denise Boitard became the vice-president of this association of businesswomen… a litany of titles and honors befitting an extraordinary person! Lucid and rigorous, Denise Boitard counterbalances her husband’s daring nature and often contributes to the fulfilling of his dreams.


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